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LGD Extreme (LGD-4033) is the best SARM for every serious bodybuilder looking to gain mass.

  • Overcharged Mass
  • Super Charged Strength
  • Explosive Results

LGD is a selective androgen receptor modulator and because of this delivers phenomenal mass gains with far less side effects than the illegal alternatives. With LGD-4033 you can expect increased strength, big muscle mass gains, enhance sex drive and you wont hold any extra water or fat.

LGD is the best standalone SARM for people looking for prohomeone like results that last and without the side effects. Many call it the king of sarms due to it having the greatest ability to increase muscle mass compared to the others on the market. You can expect results of 8lbs of muscle and upwards from a 6-8 week cycle of LGD. When stacked with other sarms such as Osta Rage it has a synergistic effect and 1+1 no longer equals 2 but 5.

LGD is non liver toxic but we do recommend a PCT. LGD has been shown to be suppressive to testosterone levels at higher dosages. But the recovery time is a lot less than a pro hormone, making our Regenerate the perfect product to get testosterone levels back to normal.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule  

Servings Per Container: 90

4-((R)-2-((R)-2,2,2-Trifluoro-1-Hydroxyeth-yl))Pyrrolidin-1-1-yl)-2-TrifiluoroMethyl)Benzonitrile – 3MG

Directions of Use

Consume 1-3 capsules per day with food for a maximum of 8 weeks followed by a PCT

Weight60 g
Certificate of Analysis

What is a CoA?

A CoA or Certificate Analysis is a document produced by a Quality Assurance (testing company) that confirms the specification of a product.


What is a HPLC? 

A HPLC stands for High-performance liquid chromatography which is a is a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. A HPLC test is the most accurate and the most common form of testing within the dietary supplement industry.


Who produces an HPLC?

A HPLC should be done by an independent company that is not in association with the manufacturer or brand. A HPLC should be done by a company that can easily located to prove that they are a real business, otherwise the documents could be fraudulent.



With all HPLC tests, the degree of accuracy is 10%. Often it is much closer than this but the official standard is 10%.


Legal Standard of tolerance?

The legal standard for food supplements: 

Vitamins & Minerals: -20%   +45%. If there was 10mg in your product, there legally can be between 8mg and 14.5mg.

Carbohydrate, Sugars, Protein, Fibre: -20%   +20%. If there was 10g in your product, there legally can be between 8g and 12g. 

This is in accordance with Regulation EU 1169/2011.

Our Certificate of Analysis: 


This CoA is for Muscle Rage LGD-Extreme batch #2742, as more batches are made the CoA will update.


How long can I use LGD for?

LGD Extreme can be ran for a maximum of 3 caps per day for 8 weeks.

Can LGD be used by women?

Yes but we recommend trying just 1 cap and using Osta Rage before hand.

Can LGD be stacked?

Yes! LGD is actually stacked MK-47 in our product The Ultimate and it is stacked with all of our products in QUAD.

Does LGD require Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Yes. LGD does require a PCT, for this we recommend our product Regenerate for 4 weeks (1 bottle).


Product Warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use this product if you are at risk for or being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders, strokes or any other medical condition.

Do not take this product if you are using anti-depressants, MAO/MAOI Inhibitors or any other prescription drugs.

Not for use by any person under the age of 21. Keep away from children.

This product may elevate serum hormone levels which could produce positive results if you are subject to NCAA testing.

For use by healthy individuals only.

Do not use if seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

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