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Laxogenin Lowdown

Laxogenin is reasonably new in the world of supplements. We see it a lot when we’re researching different products, trying to decide what is best for us. But why is everyone raving about it and what changes should we expect to when we start using it?   In simple terms Laxogenin or 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin is a plant steroid. It is harvested from […]

YK-11 SARM actually a SARM? 

Let’s talk about YK-11 and look at the actual science to show it’s not a SARM. SARMS are becoming increasing popular to some of them having such low side effects whilst giving phenomenal results time after time such LGD-4033 and Ostarine. However everyone is always looking for the next big thing or in this case the next big […]

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