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Do Compex Machine Work?

Elite athletes will try anything to get the edge over the competition and there is no denying that Electrostimulation works. But would you see the difference using a Compex machine?   Electrostimulations is and has been a part of physiotherapy and pain management for many years. But today elite athletes are using electrostimulation as part of their training […]

Can You Confuse A Muscle?

You cannot confuse a muscle.    For something to be confused, it must first be able to understand at some level. Of course, as our muscle fibers are just muscle fibers, they do not have the capacity and will never have the capacity to understand at any level. Because they have no thought process, they don’t know if you are lifting […]

Is Crossfit For You?

If you’re a fitness fan, it’s highly likely that you’ve stumbled across Crossfit at some point. Even if you’ve never tried Crossfit before, you’ve probably heard people talking about it or seen Crossfit classes advertised at the gym. If you’re not a Crossfit convert just yet, you may be wondering what it’s all about, and why it’s so incredibly popular. This guide will […]

Is DMAA Back?

When will DUST Extreme be hitting the UK/EU stores? It wont.   But isn’t DMAA back? No. Well kind of…   **UPDATE**   DMAA has now been removed from 99% of the products that came back just year due to numerous FDA raids and even some arrests. The DMAA days are officially gone and wont be coming back.  What is DMAA?  […]

Travelling With Supplements?

The life of a dedicated person or athlete requires a strong will and dedication to your end goal. This goal cannot be put on hold for a day and certainly not a week or a two-week holiday.    However, if you think like most people, the thought of walking through an airport with tubs of white powder does not […]

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