DMHA Banned Down Under

DMHA and DMBA banned in Australia as of October 1st 2017.  

If you are a stimulant junkie living in Oz then getting your fix is about to become a whole lot harder. 


DMHA/2-Amino/Juglans Regia has now been banned in Australia, most US supplement companies have removed it from their products due to various lawsuits under anti competition laws. UK companies have also removed it from their products due to ‘Novel Food’ regulations. 

What is DMHA and DMBA? 

DMHA also known as 2-amino isoheptane or Octodrine has rapidly become popular within the last 12 months due to it being 80% as effective as DMAA but with much less of a crash post workout and a cleaner buzz compared to DMAA whilst it’s in your system. DMBA also known as AMP Citrate is less popular but still widely used as an alternative to DMAA since it’s ban a few years ago.  

Why and when are they being banned? 

Like many stimulant ingredients as they gain notoriety so does the amount they are looked into. Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has just posted a public notice that the now major stimulants DMHA and DMBA are to be banned for sale after October 1st 2017. They are banning it due to ‘limited research’ on possible side effects. Equally the obvious argument is ‘limited research’ does not prove that it could cause these possible side effects either.   

If you are reading this and thinking your pre workout may not be effected there are a few other names you may wish you check. 

cross reference: 1,3-dimethylbutylamine, DMBA, octodrine, 1-aminoisoheptane, DMHA, 1,5-dimethylhexylamine , 4 methylhexane-2-amine, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, DMAA” 

The full notice from the TGA is available HERE. 

A chance of reversal?  

This ban due on the 1st of October 2017 is ‘just’ a proposal and can be opposed. However, this is extremely rare and very unlikely to happen. Because of this it looks like within the next 4 short months all supplement companies with big numbers to the Australian market will be scrambling to find the next big thing. 

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