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A Gym Goers Gift Guide 2018 - Muscle Rage

A Gym Goers Gift Guide 2018

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a fitness lover or outdoor enthusiast? In most cases when you google ‘gym gifts’ or ‘fitness gifts’ you will find a number of items that you know they already have. Then if you are lucky enough to find the gift of all gifts you struggle making a decision between a huge number of companies, all offering similar products, all claiming to be the best and all at different price points. 

Being in the fitness industry we see all these products day in and day out, and it is our job to know which ones are the best. So to make your life a little easier this Christmas, below we have made a fitness gift guide and rounded up a wide range of present ideas for fitness freaks, making sure this Christmas you are guaranteed to give them a present that puts a smile on their face. 

TheraGun G2PRO£549.00

This isn’t your grandads foam roller. This gym present is a G2PRO, calibrated by a physician (16mm amplitude combined with 2,400 percussions per minute) and made with high-quality industrial components designed to last. The TheraGun G2PRO is a powerful and loud device that effectively provides deep muscle treatment unlike typical massagers. Although the price is expensive, this will replace ALL your deep tissue massages… Think of the money you would save in the long run. It also means you don’t have to trek out everytime you need your sports massage, and you can tackle any tightness from the comfort of home. 

Fat Gripz – £19.95

This might be the ultimate stocking filler gift for weightlifters. Second on our active gift guide, Fat Gripz are designed to take your weight training to the next level by making the handle wider on barbells, dumbbells and pull-up bars. Thick bar training has been around for decades. Old-time strongmen used it to develop levels of size and strength that were next level and so it will definitely give that extra boost to someone workout. If you know someone who is always pushing forward with their gym goals, this might be a perfect addition to their workout routine. 

Private Label Duffle –  $150 

This duffle bag is one of the best gifts for gym goers, but also anyone who travels a lot. It is extra special to those who go to the gym every day as it comes with 3 dividing (and removable) walls to allow ultimate organisation and also means your sweaty clothes are tucked away and not rubbing up against your brand new pair of Nikes. It also features a 15 inch macbook sized pocket, quick access back and front pocket, 3 inner pockets for essentials, easy access side pockets and a padded shoulder strap meaning commuters shoulder aches are a thing of the past. On top of all of that it is also TSA carry on approved. Private label also do a backpack if the person your buying for prefers to two strap their bags and you can also buy extra dividers to make any bag you buy from private label personalised to your storage needs. This has got to be one of the most perfect presents for people into fitness and I would call it THE gym bag to get in 2019. 

Sony WH-1000XM3 –  £329.99 

As you may recall from our best headphones for gym guide the Sony M3 are the best all round headphones you’ll find, without going into audiophile level cans. They have quite possibly the best noise cancellation of all time, 30 hours battery life, fantastic sound quality and hands free control linking with google assistant. So if you’re feeling generous this holiday season the Sony M3 is a great present idea for gym goers. 

Celestial Bodiez #BootyScrunchLeggings –  $79.99 

Celestial Bodiez make a very high quality legging for women. They were the first company ever (2014) to offer the #bootyscrunch leggings that features a curve-hugging seam design. This means the style of leggings hug your booty in ways your man can’t, making sure your looking on point at all times. But unlike the cheaper imitations, the quality of fabric is second to none and they have many designs that suit every kind of personality. They even make a matching legging and dog outfit set, so you and your little pal can walk down the street in synchronised style. 

Nutribullet 600 Series Set £59.99 

Another idea on our gym gift guide is The Nutribullet. It is a god send for a healthy breakfast on the go or any highly nutritious snack. With a 600 watt motor it can break down fruits, vegetables, nuts and ice. Making this the perfect weight loss gift which helps eliminate one more excuse. There are 4 different types of Nutribullet to make sure your getting exactly what you need from the product. You have the standard Nutribullet, which is a first step towards healthy eating. The Nutribullet Pro is made for people with a more active lifestyle. It has larger cups and flip top to-go lid for mobility. The Nutri-bullet Balance allows you access to an App with hundreds of recipes designed for your specific goals and finally the Nutribullet Rx has a heating cycle for hot soups and an auto on-off feature. This is definitely a better idea than your standard water bottle.

Apple Watch Series 5 –  £399 

A great gift idea for fitness freaks is The Apple Watch. It has been out for some time now and whilst it doesn’t sell as well as the iPhone the Apple Watch Series 5 is a powerhouse that can help you in ways you couldn’t even imagine. It is no longer just water resistant, it is now fully waterproof meaning runs in the rain or swimming can be fully tracked helping you stay focused and inline with your goals. It also features a new heart sensor that allows a much higher rate of accuracy as well as tracking all of your workouts. It might be £399 but it might just change their life. We feel it is one of the best fitness gifts for men and women as it not only acts as tool to help track and push your workouts, it pushes the user to an all round healthier lifestyle and we can’t deny it’s a pretty trendy watch.

If your friend is massively into supplements but you don’t know where to begin? Give them the gift of choice with a Muscle Rage Gift Card which is eligible to use on all of our products across the store. Gift Cards are available as £10, £25, £50 and £100. This is a great gym goers christmas present as at least this way you know you can’t go wrong. It is all down to the receiver to get what they feel is the best product for them. 

Ryderwear D-Mak Raw £99.99 

Ryderwear shoes are flat well supported shoes that are a must for leg day and deadlifts. When wearing a shoe like this you will find your calve contractions are much stronger, which could lead to greater gains. The soles are thin and flat which means you have a better connection with the equipment you’re using. The comfort and stability around the ankle are fantastic during the heaviest of lifts, meaning you feel more confident to up those PB’s. 

Strength Shop Knee Sleeves £29.99 

This gift idea is great for anyone who is seriously into their heavy weights. You get what you pay for in life. But these Strength Shop Knee Sleeves are an absolute bargain! They are super durable and made from the heavy double ply meaning you probably won’t have to buy another pair for next 5 years. These will help alleviate pain and/or swelling of your knees during and after your workout. On top of this they will also support your bones and joints in a way that will push you to lift heavier without the worry of pressure in places you don’t want it. 

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