9 Ways To Motivate Yourself in 2019

We all get those January blues where it feels almost impossible to go to the gym. No matter how hard you try, the motivation just isn’t there. If you often experience a lack of gym motivation at the start of a new year, then try out these 9 ways to stay more energised and motivated to tackle 2019: 

#1 Progress photos 

A simple way to stay motivated is by keeping track of your progress. If you take photos every week or month, then it lets you see how your body is responding to training. Instantly, there’s more drive to push yourself in your workouts as you want to see these visible changes, whether it be weight loss or more muscle mass. You want to look back through your progression pictures in February or March and feel like there’s a huge difference – it gives you a nice kick up the bum to get yourself in gear! 

#2 Try a new training method 

The great thing about hitting the gym is that there are so many different ways you can train your body. As such, switching up your training routine and methods is a brilliant way to jumpstart your year and feel more motivated. Try changing up your weekly splits, implement new techniques, you could even try out calisthenics and ditch the weights for a month or two. This might even mean getting a new gym membership elsewhere so you can try all these different types of workouts with the right equipment. A new training method shocks your muscles, meaning you can break through plateaus and see gains. 

#3 New workout playlist 

Sometimes, all you need is some extra energy in the form of a new playlist. There’s nothing worse than working out to the same songs over and over again. It gets you into a dull rhythm – so spice things up a bit! Make a new playlist full of motivating and uplifting songs that encourages you to really smash out your sets and bring new levels of intensity to your workout routine. Why not check out Muscle Rage’s BEAST MODE Playlist… It’s pretty for lifting ALL things heavy. Check it out on Tidal, Spotify or Apple Music today!

#4 Buy new gym clothes 

Close-up photo of female legs choosing sports footwear trying on different sneakers in a shopping mall.

If you look good, then you feel good. So, if you haven’t already got some new gym clothes wrapped up ready to open on Christmas Day, then make the most of the upcoming January sales! Start your year with some completely new gear, and you’ll be amazed at the difference this makes mentally. You’ll be in the best starting position of 2019 if your feeling confident before you’ve even touched those weights! 

#5 Set short, medium, and long-term goals 

Person writing list of goals, close-up of hand

Goal-setting is an absolute must for all gym goers looking for motivation. Set yourself some short-term goals, then some medium and long-term ones as well. The short ones can be weekly, so something like hitting the gym five times in one week. A medium one could be monthly or maybe over a two-month period, with long-term ones being a good few months – maybe even the whole year. Set goals, and you have things to work towards, which motivates you ten times more than if you didn’t set any. 

#6 Take a break 

Feet in wool socks warming by cozy fire

This might seem counter-productive, but taking a break is a fantastic way to boost your motivation. A week or two out of the gym will make you miss it more and more. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and eager to absolutely annihilate every workout. Plus, it’s a great chance to let your body recover fully and iron out any niggling injuries. Then, when you return, you’re in prime physical condition boosting your motivation for 2019. 

#7 Pre-workout supplement 

If you’re struggling to get up for your workouts and have no morning motivation, then a pre-workout supplement could be exactly what you need. It will give you a serious jolt of energy, so you’re up on your feet and absolutely raring to go. When the blood is pumping around your body, and you’re seriously energised, then it’s impossible to not feel motivated! We’ve got a pre-workout supplement on our site that could be the perfect solution to your January workout blues - feel free to check it out here

#8 Try new exercises 

Brutal tattooed calisthenics coach shows exercise moves one leg squat.

As mentioned way back in point number 2, there are so many ways you can approach a gym workout. While switching up your training methods is beneficial, you should also think about changing the exercises you do. How many of you are always doing the same lifts every day? Sometimes you need to blast your muscles with new challenges. Instead, try a few things you’ve never done before. If you only do barbell bench press, then switch to dumbells for a few weeks and see the difference it makes. Instead of squats, hit some heavy ass lunges on your leg days. Swap in some new exercises and keep yourself motivated with a new challenge in every workout. 

#9 Get a training partner/training plan 

A training partner (or a personal trainer) or training plan will both go a long way to motivate you at the start of 2019. Partners are there to encourage you and get you to push through every rep. Even a little friendly competition between the two of you could push you further than you ever thought you could go. Plus, they make sure you actually get up and go to the gym! A training plan gives you something to follow and means you don’t feel lost, giving you more room for success in the gym. 

We all suffer a dip in motivation and this could be at any time of the year. But, with these 9 ideas, you’ll soon smash through every workout and start 2019 in a positive frame of mind. 

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