Daily Archives: November 29, 2019

3 Ways Cardio Helps Muscle Growth

Many people believe that cardio and building muscle don’t mix. The truth is that doing cardio can actually help muscle growth. If you’re keen to build muscle mass, and you’ve been shying away from activities that set your heart racing, here are some reasons why you should consider adding cardio to your fitness regime.   Improved […]

DMHA Banned Down Under

DMHA and DMBA banned in Australia as of October 1st 2017.   If you are a stimulant junkie living in Oz then getting your fix is about to become a whole lot harder.  **UPDATE**  DMHA/2-Amino/Juglans Regia has now been banned in Australia, most US supplement companies have removed it from their products due to various lawsuits under anti competition […]

Build a GODLY Upper Chest

There are some people that get a chest that pops off the collar bone and screams I train hard in a V neck from just doing a few push ups, decline press and incline flys. Meanwhile there are rest of us that unfortunately do not have those genetics. Follow these tips in your next chest workouts […]

The Best Pre-Workout – UK

Are you looking for the best pre workout in the UK?  Pre workout supplements can give you more phenomenal workouts than you could ever imagine but with more brands than you can count flooding the market, finding the best product is hard. Especially as google search results are based on just about every factor other […]

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