Is DMAA Back?

When will DUST Extreme be hitting the UK/EU stores? It wont.  

But isn’t DMAA back? No. Well kind of…  


DMAA has now been removed from 99% of the products that came back just year due to numerous FDA raids and even some arrests. The DMAA days are officially gone and wont be coming back. 

What is DMAA? 

DMAA aka Methylhexanamine is commonly known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine (1,3-DMAA). Since 2006 DMAA was sold extensively under many names as a dietary supplement to increase performance and is banned by many sports authorities and governmental agencies.  

In 2006 Patrick Arnold reintroduced DMAA into the market place after the 2005 ephedrine ban in the US. DMAA was then taken to new levels when UPS Labs added it to their JACK3D Pre Workout supplement pocketing them a total of $400 million in sales between 2008 and 2013 according to US Justice Department. Of course once word got around every company was using 1,3-DMAA in their products because it gave people energy like they had never experienced before.  

So what happened? 

From 2010 to 2013 when demand for DMAA was at an all time high the world wide clamp down on supplements containing DMAA began. The first was in 2010 when the US military issued a recall on all products containing DMAA from military exchange stores across the globe following 2 military personnel deaths which were caused by heart attacks. DMAA was claimed to be the cause or at least a significant contributing factor.   

During this time athletes were getting caught for using DMAA left, right and centre from a minor league baseball player Marcus Stroman (50 game ban) to a MotoGP rider Anthony West (banned for 18 Months).  

In July 2011 Health Canada banned all DMAA products saying that it was not a dietary substance, instead it was a drug awaiting “further approval”. Exactly one year later ANVISA of Brazil issued a recall on all DMAA dietary supplements. Also in 2012 Australia banned the substance from sale, swiftly followed by New Zealand due to its growing popularity as a party drug.  

Whats happened in the UK and US? 

Most importantly in August 2012, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ruled that DMAA was an unlicensed medicinal product and removed all products from sale due to “potential risks on public safety”. 

Then one year later the FDA in the US did the same thing and sent a letter asking it to be removed from all stores, manufacturing and distribution warehouses. 

Why is DMAA back (UPDATED)?  

Currently DMAA is ONLY back in the US and is still classed as an unlicensed medicinal product in the UK.  

USP Labs gave up on their fight against the FDA in the US after they destroyed $8 million worth of JACK3D and oxyElite Pro. However Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are currently enduring an ongoing battle with the FDA claiming that DMAA was never formally banned and $2 million worth of their DMAA inventory was seized without warning and with no correct process. They also say that no formal law was written and most importantly that DMAA is a natural, safe and legal ingredient in dietary supplements. Please note this was originally filed in NOVEMBER 7TH 2013!  

Now in 2016 HI-Tech Pharmaceuticals and other brands are proceeding to make products with DMAA as they feel the evidence clearly shows that it is allowed for human consumption. 

Will the UK follow?  

Unfortunately don’t hold your breath, it is very unlikely that the UK ban on DMAA is lifted. It probably wont be hitting UK stores anytime soon, if ever. No one in the UK simply has the money to take the fight to the authorities. 

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