Victory After Victory – Tips To Become A Champion

Ever set a goal in the gym or life and you were so motivated to do it for a week, month or even a year? Then suddenly you realise you gave up on that goal, and you don’t know why or you make excuses for yourself like I’ve been really busy recently I’ll start again soon. You think was the goal too far? Can I really achieve something of that magnitude? Then your confidence drops about the goal and you either half heartedly restart or you never start again.  

The way to sustained motivation and results in the gym and in life is having many victories throughout your journey.  

How do I score a victory? 

1. Set long term SPECIFIC goals. 

Have you noticed the guy that says I want to lose 10lbs or 40lbs rarely gets there? He might even make it most of the way but he doesn’t have that motivation to take it to the next level. Whereas if he said I want to lose 40lbs in 8 months, then he would be much more likely to reach and surpass his goal. Leading him to make another – VICTORY! 

2.Set short term SPECIFIC goals. 

Using the same guy as an example he may still go off course with a long term specific goal because at 30lbs he hasn’t looked back and realised how far he has come. He doesn’t see his own achievements because he is too focused on the end results. He would be even more likely to reach his long term goal if he said in the first month I am going to lose 5lbs, then in the second month I am going to lose 10lbs, and so on. This way he wins on a monthly basis - VICTORY!  

3. Set daily goals. 

Winning on a daily basis is absolutely key to sustained motivation levels. How often have you smashed a personal best and are even more motivated the next week to do it again? How often do you fall short of a personal best and are still motivated to go back and try again? The daily goal doesn’t have to be the strongest you have ever been though. It can be something as simple as; today I am going to only rest 20 seconds in-between sets but with the same rep and weight structure. I am going to get 1 more meal in before bed. If you hit your goals every day your short and long term motivation will be through the roof - VICTORY! 

4. Reward yourself. 

Getting a reward worked when you were a child and it still works now. Lets say the guy we have previously discussed loves chocolate but cut it out of his diet completely to achieve his goals. Hewill feel he is being punished for aspiring to reach the goals he is trying to achieve. But if he says for every 5lbs I lose I can have 1 chocolate bar, and he really loves chocolate, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that he’s going to want to lose those 5lbs pretty darn quick - VICTORY! 

5. Write down your goals. 

Writing down your goals is proven to make you more likely to reach them whether they are long term, short term or daily. So every night, or every morning take 5 minutes out of your day to write down your goals, and then cross them off as you go. You will be surprised how much easier this makes reaching your goals - VICTORY! 


Go all in and you have no other choice but to succeed. 

Lastly don’t be afraid to share your goals with others around you. Sure some will laugh and make comments but you are not doing it for them you are doing it for you. Others will be supportive and will be able to help you along the way. - VICTORY! 

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