Signs That The Gym Is Now Your LIFE!

There are people that just go to the gym. Then there are people that make the gym a lifestyle. Calling it a hobby you find offensive because it is much more than that, your whole day revolves around it one way or another. 

1. You are reading this article  

Chances are if you are reading this article you are probably about this life, you didn’t choose it. It chose you. 

2. “Want to go out?” Can’t, I am meal prepping. 

You now schedule all your appointments whether its your friend or your girlfriend around what time you need to eat, train and everything else that’s involved with living the bodybuilding lifestyle. An example would be ‘sorry bro I am recovering from legs that day’. People will think you are obsessed, but for the results you want you have to be! Anyway obsessed is a word lazy people use for dedicated. 

3. Becoming extremely angry that restaurants do not reveal their macros  

Fast food places reveal their macros so why doesn’t every body else? (You say to yourself and possibly the now uncomfortable restaurant staff.) It is really great that they put calories on the menus now for people ‘watching their weight’, but for you this isn’t good enough. How many grams of protein are you getting for £16.99!?  

4. You watch your favourite IFBB Pro or fitness celebrity workout of the body part you are about to train  

You have a plan, you have your pre workout, you are already motivated. But something is missing… Ah yes a 7 minute workout video from Kai Greene on legs. Do you believe you will learn something new and have the best session ever, even though you have seen the video 5 times already? Absolutely! 

5. You now have more gym clothes than normal ones 

Your washing bin probably is made up of 90% gym clothes and your drawer of old clothes is 90% old gym clothes that either smell straight after they have been washed or they have been moved aside for more ‘premium’ gym wear. 

6. Planning your next workout day 

Rest day is no longer a thing. You have to do cardio or abs… just something! Even if you are too sore and need to rest you are thinking about your next session and possibly reminiscing with your training partner about last weeks session. 

7. You no longer have the need for dishes or glasses.  

Your dishwasher or sink is now filled with Tupperware containers and shakers as that is all you seem to eat and drink from since this life has chosen you. You have also possibly lost a number of shakers this year for not washing out some Whey Protein in time.  

There may be other points to add to this list but if you put yourself to all or at least most of these points then welcome to the club the gym is now your life. 

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